40 years of experience in the metal working sector reveal professionalism, knowledge and security, all of which are characteristics rarely associated with youth, usually identified with words such as enthusiasm, dynamism, bold resourcefulness and vitality. MA.TEC. ENGINEERING however is precisely all of these. It is a Company that can proudly boast about its depth of knowledge and wealth of expertise. At the same time, it is precisely because it still has a desire to learn and to grow, and having both the know-how and the right personnel to do so, that the company can call itself young.
This, added to the relationships that over the years it has forged with its clients, has led the company towards adopting the idea that automation has to be its overriding choice for the future both for its production and commercial strategies. It is this decision that allows it to offer competitiveness to its clients.

We offer the following total and complete services:
- Sheet metalworking
- Laser cutting
- Manual and robotic welding
- Section folding
- Machining and shaving removal
- Assembly
- Shipment of finished product